How to deal with Pain

How do most people deal with pain?

I’m sure there are lines each of us draws a line – a threshold of tolerance until we agree to take pain killers. No-one likes pain. I see most of us run from it.

But pain is good. How else would our body indicate that something is wrong and needs attention? Whether the pain is physical or emotional, it is best to feel it, accept and acknowledge it’s presence, treat the disorder, and watch for it to fade for real. Know that with its fading, the problem is also being cured. How much can you take before you break?

I deal with pain a little differently when it is physical and when its emotional. When its is physical, I draw the line at pain that makes me cry. When it does, I know something is actually wrong with my bodily tissue and it’s not something good to tolerate. So quick! Go to the doctor and save the ligament or give blood for a diagnosis! But simple things like headaches, backaches, and menstrual pains are best to sleep off or ignore.

When it is emotional, I analyse it. Cut up the feeling to smithereens and understand why it’s there. That clarity solves half the problem. And if it is caused by a factor I have no control over, or if it is immoral to try and control such things, I hammer the fact into my head repeatedly and so hard that it sinks in in no time. The information thus assimilated changes expectations like a new amino acid can change the structure of a protein. And peace is restored.


Sometimes intensifying pain is the best remedy. Feel it without distraction. Ask for it. Call it on! Ask it to come and see if it could, giving it’s best shot, ever defeat you. Stare into its eyes in such audacious defiance! The moments that you stand straight in the line of fire, feeling its full force, your skin is burnt by the sheer heat of its nearness. Yet you stand straight and unyielding. Dare it to come closer and try and consume you. Let it come. Let it surround you in scalding hot whirlwinds. Let the shattered glass bite into you. It still can’t break you. You will stand! It can’t last long with such intensity. Wear it out. It will die out soon enough and leave you in peace.