Neither Here Nor There

She floats

Neither here

Nor there

Her home behind her fills the void she left

Her new ‘home’ a strange land

She looks for answers in Ancient Wisdom

Yet studies Science for a living

She is deeply emotional

But uses reason to run her life

She values society

But she is a lone wolf by mind

She is forgiving of others

But unforgiving of herself

She wants to listen to music

That doesn’t belong where she is

She stands alone, and strong

But wishes for something stronger to lean on

She loves life on Earth

But she keeps looking to the Sky

She finds joy in everyday material pleasures

But is a stark philosopher

She belongs nowhere

Yet she belongs everywhere

She is neither Black

Nor white

She is stuck in this most uncomfortable shade of grey

Wondering why, if she is happy to live alone in contradiction

She still wants a friend to keep her company.