Piece of Mind I

Who am I?

That’s a known classic philosophical question and I’ll attempt an answer.

Mortal definition-

I am a living thing called a human being. I live on Earth. Though I have a physical form which serves me well,  I tend to focus mainly on my consciousness. To such an extent that when I walk by an mirror, I am surprised at my appearance.

I am a student. I study Neuroscience- cognitive. Seems right just to say that. I am also a singer and a writer. I am also an environmentalist, microbiologist, and a feminist. I am also a kind person. I can have a conversation about almost anything.  I can be quite funny and engaging.  But I am an outsider to many human things. I observe myself playing roles. ‘All the world is a stage’ and I am an actor. My lines are dramatic and I do ‘dare to disturb the universe’ when I want to (T.S. Elliot).  I am a Vulcan and a Volcano !

Aham Brahmasmi

I am the Sun, I am the Earth,

I am the endless Sky.

I am every plant and every stone and

All the atoms inside.

I am the Stars and the Moons,

The Forests and the Sea,

The Fire and the Wind.

I am You and I am Me.

The Music and the Silence,

The Fish and the Bee.

The Idea and the Thinker,

The Cup and the Tea.