Musical styles.

It is a strange relationship humans share with music. Music isn’t to convey any rational point. It is a form of expression which is artistic and more emotional in nature. When humans share music, they tend to become more open with each other. In the East, the systems I have encountered so far tend to … [Read more…]

The Sound of Music: Over the Years

I watched The Sound of Music today after a long time and I realised that each time I have watched it, I have found new meaning in it. When I first watched it I was eight and I related most to Brigita’s role as the perceptive ten year old daughter who reads and is close … [Read more…]

Acknowledging Our Biology

Why is it that humans have a habitual tendency to ignore the biological necessities of their everyday life? We treat bodily excretions as disgusting and excuse ourselves when we must use the toilet or when we sneeze. At a more serious level, until someone dies, we live in blissful forgetfulness that we too are mortal. … [Read more…]

Humans vs Other creatures

Are humans better than other creatures? Do we have the right to use them for drug testing and experimentation? Are humans a plague that Earth would be better off without? Human beings are definitely more intelligent than a number of other creatures. We have a convoluted neo-cortex and we are able to think, have cognitive … [Read more…]