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  1. Dinesh S

    There has been a lot said and written about this extremely unfortunate incidence and all of which calls for extremely violent and torturous punishments. But these violent thoughts of people only seem to pronounce the animal instinct in people that lead to such an act in the first place and in some way makes these criminals look not so different from us. These outrageous outcries for castration and torture only goes to show that these guys who committed the crime are only a extreme version of ourselves. Everyone is blaming the judicial system but what can law do to change a culture. A culture of hypocrisy over the treatment of women in the country. We seem to have extremely high regard for women in our families. We see our mothers as God, anyone who even looks at our sister is seen like a criminal. Now look at the other side of our culture. Any women or even school girl would tell you how they are treated by men in a community bus or in trains. They are physical abused for cheap pleasure and surprisingly our women have taken it as part of their daily life. These are the your regular married office going men and student pursing various degrees in Colleges (now probably carrying a candle for the girl who was raped). I see this rape incident and many others as only an extension of these everyday treatment of women. These rape cases are only extreme examples of the how we treat women in our country.

    I could not agree more with your thoughts on dealing with this incidence. This probably is your best piece of writing and I dare say the most sensible and objective one written about this incidence till now. We (Indians) have lost our value system. Everyone talks about being good but given a chance they are the first one to take the wrong way. I would like as many people to read this article. Janani POST IT ON FB!

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