1. I watched the dubbed version of this movie with the title “Amruta” in Telugu. This is one of the best ever movies made by the legendary Maniratnam about the ethnic clashes in Srilanka, the overarching and bullying state and the Tamil expatriates’ rebellion against it, and how even the women and the small kids get motivated, and coerced to take to arms!

    Taking a walk down the memory lane!

    The concluding scene in which the stubborn girl who goes there in search of her biological mother, desperately tries to disown her own (biological) mother after seeing her, is profoundly touching!!

    Baby Keerthana, Madhavan, Simram, Nandita Das and Prakash Raj lived in their roles!

    It’s a masterpiece of cinematic art depicting the harsh and bitter reality!!

  2. There is no sever and harder punishment than forcefully driven out of one’s home which is always most dear to the heart, and evicted from the native soil which always beckons its sons and daughters with open stretched arms!

  3. Correction: The phrase “Tamil expatriates” in the third line of my second comment should be replaced with “Srilankan Tamils” or “Tamil speaking Srilankans”. This may seem a minor correction but makes a major difference!

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