1. Well, I would contend that a clap needs two palms. Do you disagree that at least a subset of teenage women (okay, maybe a minority) secretly wish they’re called chicks and babes? And, desperate to get that tag, they go out of their way to provoke the ‘shallow, disrespectful men” to call them as such?

    • Jaydei

      I don´t disagree. I know that there are such people too. But certainly, not all women who get that sort of treatment ask for it.
      Note: I wrote this a long time ago and my views have developed since then but I can relate to the angry young woman who held these views.

  2. Jaydei

    I feel less threatened and thus less angry. and having added a few more years on earth as an adult, I understand human behaviour a little more, enough to accept certain things as they are without them disturbing my peace as much.

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