1. Guna

    Like a blossomed yet not a Half Flower, the growing color of Vision!
    The dawn that is not complete by when has arrived the Artful Swan!
    Playing in the River, Combed by the Vines, Gentle breeze that Walked!
    Born at the growing Podhigai hill that has seen Madurai, brightening Tamil Club !

    I just did the first part as an exercise. I am not sure that “Tamil Mandram” is Tamil Culture..but I am not a pro. And the song says “vilaindha kalai annam” which I would think is not “valarndha kalai annam”.

  2. Kannil mani pola maniyin nizhal pola
    Kalanthu piranthomada
    Intha mannum kadal vaanum marainthu mudinthaalum
    Marakka mudiyathada
    Uravai pirikka mudiyathada

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